New Z6 came today

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Re: New Z6 came today

Labmom60 wrote:

Ernie Misner wrote:

sandy b wrote:

The cards are expensive. I was surprised the XQD's hadn't come down. I bought a Sony 128 XQD and a rocket reader for $150, and a 64 gb SanDisk CFexpress for about $100.

A fun read Sandy and you will have so much fun with your Z6! Is the CFexpress card just for a backup? It would be pretty hard to fill the 128GB card up with the Z6.

I won't be getting a CF reader, way too expensive. The cable will have to do for now. I

Why would it be hard to fill up a 128gb card with the Z6? When I go on 7-10 day holiday, I sometimes take up to 2,000 photos. I was thinking about buying more then one card?

I did a quick test of 14-bit NEF + jpg "Normal*" pairs on my 32 GB card.

90% full was 715 image pairs. or 70% full with no jpgs.

See my previous comment in another thread.

A 128GB card should hold at least 2800 image pairs.

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