GF 4/120 Macro(ish) focusing mechanism

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Re: GF 4/120 Macro(ish) focusing mechanism

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I can’t seem to find pictures of this lens extended when focusing. Is it fully internally focused? I’m aware that it has floating elements but do the dimensions change externally min. focus to infinity? Does the filter mount turn when focusing? Does the focus ring move during AF ?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, it's fully IF, no extension, and filter ring does not revolve, nor does the focus ring move of it's own accord.

Be warned though, it does make noises like a quiet R2D2. I quite like it.

Awesome. makes it much easier to arrange for lens support!


Ah, ok I've used with Neewer 140mm nodal rail and Kirk LS - not sure if it was LS1 or 2, will check. Works well in panoramic orientation, and fits easily into a pocket of a bag or coat.

Also used a Neewer long lens support which works well in both orientations but is big and bulky.

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