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Phil BH wrote:

VicFerrari wrote:

I agree, per my original comments, this was not directed at the XP (and XE) series.

Phil BH wrote:

I don't want to have that grip on a camera like the X-T3 either. I am not happy with Fuji enlarging their camera bodies to add IBIS like they did on the X-T4. Sadly, if they keep making their bodies bigger and heavier, a grip like that will be inevitable. At that point their advantages that led me to Fuji in the first place will have diminished.

Had they not changed the optical viewfinder on the XPro-3, and changed the rear screen, I would buy one of those. I had thought of moving to the X-T3, and waited to see the X-T4. I didn't like it for its added weight, and odd articulated screen. I still happily shoot the XPro-1, but want to buy a different body for weddings and other events. I am actually sad to see the direction Fuji is moving, but it is what it is.

Cheers- Phil

X-Pro line used to be my main Fuji camera until the 3.  I sold it due to issues that  you stated above.  I have moved to X-T4 until an X-Pro4 is released.  But I also don’t think the XT series will get any smaller in the future.  They are adding features that the market is demanding making the bodies larger.  At this point, a larger grip is necessary - IMHO.

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