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I agree, per my original comments, this was not directed at the XP (and XE) series.

Phil BH wrote:

VicFerrari wrote:

As a long time XT (and XP) user my only improvement request to Fuji would be - please add the X-S10 style grip to the XT line of cameras. Just received the X-S10 and its grip is fantastic. I get that it would “ruin” the aesthetic of the XT line. For the XP line okay, but for the XT line I don’t care anymore. The new grip really shines a light in this ergonomic flaw with the XT series. My X-T4 feels like a heavy brick in comparison. And thank you Fuji for not releasing an add-on grip for the X-T4 (sarcasm). Even my larger Fuji lenses feel much better on the X-S10. And I do not have any issues using a larger camera as I regularly use a Z7 with most of the current Z lenses. The X-T4 just feels “wrong” now.

I will say, please don't, I bought my XPro-1 because it didn't have the bulky grip. It's a preference thing. I went with Fuji because it was smaller, and not a cookie cutter design like the other manufacturers had. I liked my old film cameras, and I like my Fuji. I am glad they now are offering the X-S10 for those who want that style, but please do not make all of them like that.

I will add that I still use my Canon gear, when I need the longer lens, and I am okay with it, but I much prefer the Fuji.


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