Camera Comparison - something odd with Sony A7R IV test shots

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Re: You cant be serious

Donald B wrote:

Its a pathetic test scene. I just sold 600 portraits over the last few weeks shot with my a7r2 and i can tell you there is nothing wrong with skin tones of sony sensors.


Yes. Comparing any printed or posted color tests is completely pointless. All of them have been "handled" by people an unknown number of times. No matter the camera, as has been stated from the beginning of this thread, the lens is the most notable contributor to the color of the captured image.  Additionally, just like from the first days of color photography, it is the most easily adjusted aspect of printing or post production. Cameras have adjustments that allow you to set your preference for color balance prior to shooting and the person making the image has the ability after capture to change it to whatever they want.  I'll repeat what I said early in this thread, find the "system" you want to work with and learn its characteristics and make photographs. Comparing "color" of two completely different systems is going to get you nowhere.  If it's too warm for you, cool it down.  If it's too cool, warm it up. Set up your color preference in your camera and take photographs that please you.

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