Camera Comparison - something odd with Sony A7R IV test shots

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Re: Camera Comparison - something odd with Sony A7R IV test shots

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I've been trying to measure how much better the Canon R5 is (or is not) when compared to Sony A7R IV.

Why? That's rhetorical so no need to answer. If you're (universal "you" not the OP) a Canon shooter (like I was for 30+ years), then work within the Canon lane and buy what you like. If you're a Sony or Nikon shooter............. do the same. It is completely pointless to compare cameras across platforms unless you are planning a total change. Otherwise stay in your lane, focus on your photography instead of technical specs. Every one of the cameras from every manufacturer will do an excellent job.

Sorry, but can't agree with you. A camera is a tool, I'm not wrong in trying to find the best of them since we all (I'm assuming you as well) have limited budgets (well, except Elon Musk) and can't acquire every of them, so research is key. Also think brand loyalty may limit you to other better choices, so except having a Fuji, I am also open to Canon or Sony, since they all seem to have great products and I'm not limiting myself against a potential brand switch (or addition if budget allows).

My question was an open question, I did not state that the Canon is better than Sony, or vice-versa, I'm questioning the results of a test, that for me has an odd result.

That's the problem with "seekers" in any arena. You/they continue to seek the "best". The problem is - there is no best. I have found over decades that the "best" are the people who take the time, effort, expense, sweat.... to learn how to use what they have. Every quality camera, guitar, pistol, hammer, router (tool), car.... outperforms its owner. It's the owner's onus to learn to operate the tool as well as they can. Not expect the tool to be "best". If I lost all battery capability today, I could go out and buy a 40+ year-old Canon, Nikon, Petri, Yashica, Hasselblad...... and satisfy almost any client's needs. It's not the camera it's the person behind the shutter-release button. My advice to all who seek - become the best photographer and stop looking for the best camera.

Why not both? This seems like a false dichotomy to me. If a tool is available that allows you to achieve your goals more easily, why not take advantage of it?

Seems to me, based on his response, my skills as a photographer are lacking. I should stop browsing this forum and stop looking for reviews, because I need to focus on my skills first. Every time I hear the terms "pro photographer" or "get good first" seems to me he is the one that lacks the technical knowledge to actually explain the issue addressed by this post (but I would be assuming things about others and branding them, like he just did and I don't think it is correct).

About your point, yes, I agree with you. A tool has specs, it can either be enough for the work you do, or you might find a better tool that can enable you to do your work better and faster. Why not go after that? Lets try shooting sports with a GFX or Hassy. I can't try every one of them out there because it is impossible to buy (or rent) cameras in Brazil. So why not reach out to fellow photographers out there about their expertise in using them.

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