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OutsideTheMatrix wrote:

CrisL wrote:

Sorry for the confusion I thought it was clear enough

the first picture is the final processed from the raw

the copy screen from faststone shows on left in fact the jpg embeded in the raw which is the sooc jpg
and on right the final processed from raw

The light was very low , I shooted through double glazed : ss was 1/125 , F 5, iso 500

FL equivalent 380mm

The difference is typical as soon the ISO is larger 200 . So I always shoot raw only

Thanks, the copy screen has pixellation in it so I see that as a lower resolution image that gets blown up to a larger resolution. Was the JPG really that desaturated?

yes the picture is zoom 150% in faststone

I know I saw this advice elsewhere too and saw ISO ladder results that indicated color saturation drops severely after ISO 200. With all three cameras.

edit- the first image on top shows much deeper greens than the picture on the right in the bottom "copy" they are both processed from RAW? Maybe the lack of saturation in the greens comes from the program used to generate the copy screen?

yes correct this copyscreen of FasTstone looks always different than my original colors in other pp softwares where i am using adobe color space

I was wondering if you could do something....can you post the sooc JPG directly (without a copy screen) using the upload button AND the image processed from RAW also using the upload button?

yes here a link to the raw

and the jpg embeded in the raw (as stored by faststone ), for me it's the same as sooc jpg ,yes the colors are always desaturated compared to my usual processed files

I never tried to optimise the sooc jpg because i like to play with the RAW and in my experience my result is more pleasant for me

jpg embeded (sooc)

jpg processed from RAW slightly compressed (96%)

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