Camera Comparison - something odd with Sony A7R IV test shots

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Re: Camera Comparison - something odd with Sony A7R IV test shots

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I've been trying to measure how much better the Canon R5 is (or is not) when compared to Sony A7R IV.

I'm confused by the test shots in the studio scene comparing the image quality from its peers. It seems the A7R IV has a horrible color cast and less detail in skin at base ISO at RAW which seems odd.

This might have been discussed extensively since A7R IV was launched last year (if that is true, sorry for my mistake) but when comparing to decide a possible brand switch, the studio comparison left me scratching my head.

Below a quick sample I extracted. Look the difference between the A7R IV and the Canon R5, it is night and day (look at the color cast and the detail below the eyes). It is worse even when compared to A7R III.

I know noise performance is worse on R IV because of the higher pixel density, but does it explain the worse quality at base ISO? My suspicion it is something odd with this test.

But it's not a person, is a photo of a person, printed, then illuminated and demosaiced again. Not saying it as a justification. I have my issues with skin tone and Sony sensors, there's a yellowish tinting in some shots that's not to my liking.

Obviously you are correct and I agree with you. However, the point of these test shoots is to normalize conditions as much as possible between peers, even if printed and illuminated.

You need to understand that a particular color on a screen or printed material is not actually the same as the original object, they look the same to us because our vision is limited to three primary colors. A camera is also limited to 3 primary colors, but not exactly the same 3 so it will see things slightly differently. When you combine these two factors, artificially reproduced colors cannot in any way represent how a camera reproduces actual colors.

Yes the A7R IV has a native color cast due to the sensor,

No it doesn't

like all Sony's, but this seems overblown. I find it odd that both R5 and A7R IV have the same praise but at the test, the A7R IV seems more less detailed and unflaterring, even when compared to the older model.

No it doesn't, It is effectively more zoomed in because of the higher megapixel, you need to first put them on equal zoom.

You talked about yellow tinting, I have heard that Sony has a reddish cast instead (like the A7R III for example).

No it doesn't, and even if it did you can easily calibrate it out in custom WB shift

Also they keep tweaking the color so there's no such thing as a particular tint for an entire brand of camera.

But coming back to your point, in real world tests the results might be different, but it renders this test innefective.

This test is meant to show detail retention and noise patterns, not color science.

From personal experience, the R4 has improved color science from previous generations. But that's going to be extremely difficult to tell from any single test photo.

Also do they make new prints for every camera tests? The print could have faded after a year (I have no idea when the test chart was printed). Do you think this could have been a factor?

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