Camera Comparison - something odd with Sony A7R IV test shots

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Re: Camera Comparison - something odd with Sony A7R IV test shots

onlyfreeman wrote:

Mlrapa wrote:

I've been trying to measure how much better the Canon R5 is (or is not) when compared to Sony A7R IV.

Better in what way?

I'm confused by the test shots in the studio scene comparing the image quality from its peers. It seems the A7R IV has a horrible color cast and less detail in skin at base ISO at RAW which seems odd.

The colour difference is most likely down to the raw processor, in this case Adobe, but also there were some issues with the studio scene colours fading (as far as I remember). It's possible the studio scene was updated in that time. Check the studio scene comparison of the a7C and look at the updated colours.

As far as detail is concerned, I opened both raws in Affinity Photo at default settings, but resized the a7r IV to match the R5 and it looked more detailed to me.

This might have been discussed extensively since A7R IV was launched last year (if that is true, sorry for my mistake) but when comparing to decide a possible brand switch, the studio comparison left me scratching my head.

Below a quick sample I extracted. Look the difference between the A7R IV and the Canon R5, it is night and day (look at the color cast and the detail below the eyes). It is worse even when compared to A7R III.

I know noise performance is worse on R IV because of the higher pixel density, but does it explain the worse quality at base ISO? My suspicion it is something odd with this test.

What has been discussed a lot is that people had trouble matching Canon colours from Sony raw files, or that Sony JPEG colours were not pleasing. Sony have updated the JPEG colours a lot in the latest cameras, see a7C.

I would say the difference in image quality due to the camera is negligible. The lens used is going to matter much more for detail, and colours can be manipulated to whatever you want, even JPEGs to a certain extent (use in camera profiles, including custom settings).

Yes, and I didn't know to what extent, but colors are affected by the lens type of glass and coatings. Although some lenses are well balanced, most have color character as well.

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