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TOF guy wrote:

I get questions about an item I put for sale from Craig list, so by replying to these messages, the Craig list server re-route the answer to them , correct?

One person is making a lower offer, is it expected?

There is no payment mediated by Craig list that I can see (like when selling on eBay). So I arrange for meeting with the buyer and do the sale, correct? Or is there another way? Does Craig list gets a commission and how?

Anything else I should be aware of? best for face to face in your locale or whatever your tolerance is to travel. Don't do remote shipping or payments. Use some other ebay or other marketplaces for that.

E-mail that you provide is masked by a random string (well I think it is) of letters and numbers. When a buyer clicks on reply they will see something like this:

When they e-mail you, you will likewise see a similar craigslist like e-mail although their Alias may be visible like John Photoman   vs john.photoman@gmail/hotmail/.com etc.

You can e-mail back and forth in this "blind" address method. However, if you write your phone number, e-mail or address in the dialogue, or in the actual ad text, then it is not hidden.

You can also provide a phone number when you create the ad and tick to show it in the reply so people can text or phone you if you prefer.

The location you show on your ad can show your address or not and it will just show approximately on the map where based on your zip/postal code or where you adjust the map drop pin.

Payment - don't do distance, remote payments as that is how scams operate. I don't even like when people offer to do e-transfers, interac, email banking. I want cash. Our cash is multi colour, holograpm, plastic, transparent, and other features so I have a high confidence it is real. I can physically and visually verify I have cash in hand.

Do it in a safe place. That could be your house and drive if you want depending on your comfort. There are some horror stories of home invasion or use your judgement. I've done bank lobby as they want to cash it there or coffee shop but lately, I just host them in our lobby or just outside. Lots of foot traffic, lots of light and there are cameras. Do it in good light or time of day where lots of people are around. Bring a person with you to watch the general scene if you feel necessary.

CL requires a lot of patience. Sometimes I've had stuff be posted and bought within a few hours. Other times, it is a few days to a week and others, it goes a month or two without a bite. I have even had a couple of things that had no interest. Took a couple of reposts and nearly 6 months to sell. You have to do your comfort point if you just want to see a pawn shop or local camera store, ebay at that point...or it is just something nobody wants and you either hold, donate or recycle trash it.

You will get all kinds of behaviour on CL

-Buyer: Hey, I really want your lens or camera or xxxxx, I have $$$ now (half what you're asking) today lemme know!!!!!

-Hey, what's your lowest when you put an ad OBO. I just say make an offer

-Hey, I will offer you half.  me: No. Hey, I CAN GET IT EVEN BETTER at pawn shop, me: ok, sounds like an amazing deal go ahead.   HEY, I GOT THE MONEY, I AM HELPING YOU, SELLL HA

-how about this lowball offer (and I haven't had any interest). Me: I can meet you half way. Buyer: okay, how about lowball plus 5.

-me and buyer agree on price, provide very detailed photos, buyer gets there and all of sudden says it is in much worse condition and knocks off a bunch of money or says I didmn't bring the full amount. I usually say bank up the street or no but you have to be your own judge if nobody actually interested in it.

-hey, I'm on my way. Never shows up

-Hey, really interested in this lens, camera etc. Answer their questions  and then no response...or they come back a month later

-Hey, can you do this. Me: how about this . BUyer: sure and then follows up next day, hey gotta bail, hope you understand LOL....and then by coincidence, a person contacts you with the exact same writing style but different alias right at your agreed price as a further negotiation point.

Anyhow, do your price research. If someone can get it off ebay for less, they will so that is my first stop and check completions. Look at new ones, used ones at stores, pawn shops and same items on craigs and other classifieds. People are always going to offer lower even if you say firm so list a little higher if you want but mentally have a price you'd accept. Cash in hand vs dragging it out if there is little interest in the product is better than nothing.

Good Luck

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