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I will go against the trend and say: spend nothing. Keep you current setup. You haven't mentioned one thing that really impedes you with your current camera. I checked out your pictures and they are really good. Enjoy the hobby, don't give in to GAS.

Wise advice. I think the OP might be better off waiting for 7D RF replacement than going with the R or R6.

I agree. Neither R nor R6 seems to tick all the boxes. If buying one of these means not being able to afford the 7D RF replacement down the road than I would say hold off.

Have you looked at the 90D and M6 II files to get an idea about how the 7D RF might perform WRT shadow recovery?

No I haven't. I have never had the M6/2 or 90D on my RADAR to buy. My next APS-C purchase will be MILC with IBIS, EVF and a 7D replacement for the most part.

I didn't mean to say consider buying those cameras but since they are the latest APS-C sensor from Canon, they might give insights into how the RF version might perform.

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