Camera Comparison - something odd with Sony A7R IV test shots

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Re: Camera Comparison - something odd with Sony A7R IV test shots

Mlrapa wrote:

Obviously you are correct and I agree with you. However, the point of these test shoots is to normalize conditions as much as possible between peers, even if printed and illuminated. Yes the A7R IV has a native color cast due to the sensor, like all Sony's,

no, because you posted raw comparisons, and raw files don't have color:

  • Color is a psychological metric, not a physical one; it relates to how people perceive spectra
  • The camera is responsible for the image data recorded in the raw file
  • The data in the raw file is not color, but responses of the camera’s sensor to light
  • The raw developer is responsible for turning that data into colors
  • Both the camera and the raw developer influence the colors in the final image
  • Of the two, the raw developer has the greater impact
  • The part of the raw developer that most affects the colors in the final image is the color profile

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