Camera Comparison - something odd with Sony A7R IV test shots

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Re: Camera Comparison - something odd with Sony A7R IV test shots

Mlrapa wrote:

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Mlrapa wrote:

I'm confused by the test shots in the studio scene comparing the image quality from its peers. It seems the A7R IV has a horrible color cast and less detail in skin at base ISO at RAW which seems odd.

Color preference is subjective. Some might prefer what others consider horrible.

And you chose a poor area of the scene to judge fine detail. How do you like these ...?

Consider also that there are some differences attributable to lenses, and to the way in which the RAW converter handles files from different manufacturers.

Indeed it is subjective, when I meant horrible I should have said unnatural (in my point of view). I'm not pro or against any brand, I'm just stating what I saw in the test and difference between similar choices, all cameras had a similar colors except the R IV. The part you showed seems to have more detail indeed, but is close to B&W, the part I showed with color seemed washed out for me. But regardless I just wanted to point out this difference and if someone could explain to me why is that. Something odd might have happened on the test, just wanted to clarify that since I'm looking to buy either of them.

I don't think anything went wrong with the test. There are actual differences in the cameras. There are also potential differences in the lenses and in the way the RAW converter handles the files. In addition, you can expect differences in your results compared to the ones in DPR's tests, no matter which camera you choose, depending on the lens(es) and RAW converter(s) you use, and the processing parameters you choose.

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