Worst lens I have ever used.

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Re: Worst lens I have ever used.

Well here is my personal Nikon duff list, the worst ones I had in my life, in no particular order

43-86.. brought back to the shop after 3 days. YUCK, put me off zoom for a long time

300 f4.5 pre AI.. Looks grand, was as new and served me to shoot sports, with plenty of reflexes, ghosts and flares. Replaced it with a Novoflex 400 5.6 which was older and was happy. The 300 is still somewhere at home, even the thieves left it.

35-70 3.5 I think. Slightly better than the 43-86 rubbish but definitly dissapointing. My first good zoom was the 80-200 4.5, this was better than the boyfriend's 4.0.

Fast forward..

in 2006 I bought an original but obviously cheepo NEW 70-300. It was awful. Blurry in the corners even on DX. brought it back to the shop after a year toward the newer model.. that was fine till I bought my first second hand d3 and saw the corners. Yikes. replaced by the 80-200 AF ( very good with slow AF)  till it was stolen. Never bought a zoom again and used  the 70-180 macro instead. Slow AF but very good.

The only other disappointments I had were with other brands. Some were terrible. Hence, when I recently had to buy a tele I went through two weeks of agony (200-500 or not?) and bought a 2001 300 2.8 AFS. NO VR but could afford it and I'm happy. It was good to avoid zooms.

Ok I must admit it.. I love my rough looking 24-70. it looked awful when I bought it at the pawnbroker's and is a bit loose , but better since I did some fiddling. It is way sharper than I thought and very good for daily life apart from the distortion at 24 mm.

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stolen: , my 24-70 nº297446 and my 85 1.4 AI 197908 REWARD for finding my stuff the rest is back thanks to WR from Cartago and Cañas OIJ

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