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Re: Olympus 150-400mm f4.5 Pro Review (vs Canon 800mm f5.6)

epozar wrote:

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epozar wrote:


Mattieu knows what he is doing. Great test and review. It's ggod to have a reviewer who is really experienced with Olympus to make sure they use it to its best.

The 150-400 TC-1.25 is a fabulous lens. Added to the E-M1X, the only critisisms that I have would be the C-AF focus ability, lack of detail in darker areas of the image such as under the wings, and slightly dodgey bokeh in certain situations (not uncommon with zooms).

Sharpness is amazing, even with additional teleconverters, and all-round flexibility with close focusing and other features are second-to-none.

But the Olympus focusing ability is the let down for me. Whilst I would love this lens for static subjects, I think the focus accuracy and variation for moving subjects would just frustrate the hell out of me. When cropping, which is common for bif, I find that focus accuracy is of more importance than megapixels. If your image is really well-focused and sharp you don't need a lot of megapixels.

E-M1x is certainly not an "AF king" as Olympus wants us to believe.

Neither is E-M1.3 which I have ...

This is still the best option in the m43 world according to Matthieu. https://mirrorlesscomparison.com/best/mirrorless-cameras-for-birds-in-flight/

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