Canon R6 and Sony a9 (mk1)

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Re: DR and hi ISO

Maxim Dupliy wrote:

Actually I looked at photonsonphotos website.

Why do you believe to the DXOmark rating?

It's not a matter of belief or not belief. DxOMark measure the actual dynamic range - from noise floor to saturation. Optionally (actually by default) it's normalized to 8MP print size (if I recall right) for cross system comparisons. Also the data is normalized for saturation (they call it a bit incorrectly "measured ISO" or something like that) which is important for cross system (especially x-brand) comparisons - photonstophotos doesn't).

This DR is also something you can measure yourself - google for "photon transfer curve" - Emil Martinec has a nice article on how to perform it in practise (I think Bill Claff has a copy of his page on his site, though I might remember wrong).

Bill Claff does plenty of good work, like measures the read noises, but PDR is one of his failures.

I read many photographers don't.

Sure - if a measurement site doesn't make one's system look good, it may be discarded in favor of another site regardless of factuality.

What is the reason to believe DXO more? I decide to believe to this website(photonsonphotos)

This is not a matter of faith. DxOMark measures dynamic range, p2p doesn't.

Anyway, on both websites R6 is better, so why to criticize me ? So it's up to 3200 ISO better and not up to 600, it's still same direction, which is R6 is better.

Just wanted to point out something, not be critical at you. Sorry if I came out that way.

And indeed it seems R6 is better in this context - Canon's come a long way in improving the DR.

Also, you didn't see ?, I asked "from your experience" and you are directing me to charts.

Charts trump experience any time when talking about metrics like DR. Measurements give you facts, but each has their own subjective experiences from which is impossible to figure out reality (in this context).

As you didn't answer to any of my questions, and made me "wrong" , I don't see you really didn't wanted to answer and you don't have any real world experience with this cameras. You was no help at all.

If you didn't use them both and can answer my questions, why even bother commenting mere on something negligible? It's no help, you comment.

Did you use both cameras and compared them? If yes, why not to answer all the questions? If you didn't , don't bother to just do fruitless comments. I'm looking to real answers from real world experience, not only charts made by some websites that don't answer all other things I asked.

If I can't answer all the questions, why should I answer them?

It's just that if a question is about a well defined metric which is not a matter of subjective feeling, then why not answer which chart or such?

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