Update on the status of "Photo Ninja" software

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Re: It has been a while...

Jefftan wrote:

Andrea Crema wrote:

I've move over from PN to Phase One Capture One.

As much as I wanted Photo Ninja to be successful, the silence is deafening with no real update.

I've found C1 unmatched in regards to colour accuracy.

no way, c1 color is fake, most realistic color is Adobe Standard, this color profile can be used in DXO which also give u Deep PRIME, the best NR

I bought C1 three years ago to use primarily with Fuji XTrans. For those cameras, I found it generally pretty good, indeed probably unrivalled in RAW processing. Having moved to Nikon Z6, I use it much less as the Nikon profiles provide generally poor colour with too much purple and yellows tending to orange, straw to brown etc. I never really liked the UI and found the cataloguing buggy and often irritating. I'm unlikely to upgrade it when I eventually get a new camera (likely to be some time down the road yet) Actually, the Fuji Provia profile works better for Nikon that the Nikon ones. I eventually decided on an Adobe LR/PS sub. LR is simply convenient to work with and has the useful features like social media and book which are often missing elsewhere.

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