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ebay is its own animal

TOF guy wrote:

Thank you - greatly appreciated.

I'm staying away from eBay because I've heard that selling without prior positive feedback does not work very well.

Well, it doesn't work well for selling a high value item, because a person with bad feedback will often just cancel that account and start a new one. --> no track record, but no negative feedback either!

The way to do it is start your account, then buy a few things. They can be small things. You will get positive feedback from sellers. It's not as valuable as feedback with YOU as the seller, but it is something.

Then, sell a few things of lesser value, so the risk is not as great. This will get you some positive feedback as a seller.

THEN, you can sell higher value items successfully.

Other Pros/Cons of selling on ebay:

+ HUGE audience; if you post it there, people will see it, and it is just up to you to price it correctly.

+ THE place to get the current, accurate market rate. As a registered member, you can search sold items to see what they're actually selling for.

- They take a pretty big commission; 10-12%. Then, if you use PayPal, they take another 3.5% or so. In other words, you have to pay something for that huge audience. Think of it as a consignment shop on a busy Manhattan street. That shop owner's got to pay the rent!

I've found that sometimes, ebay is the ONLY feasible way to sell something. For example, while going through some stuff the other day, I found a few 1985 vintage Lego booklets left over from my childhood. I wondered if there's a collector's market for things like that? Sure enough, they were selling for $5 or so. AND I would know that someone who really wants them would have them. So I bundled three of them, priced at $8 + ~$3 shipping by Media Mail and everyone is happy. I imagine some happy Lego collector somewhere has them proudly displayed.

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