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Re: Got A New Charging System

ProDude wrote:

I got my delivery today of a new setup for charging along with some of the Newer brand Canon battery equivalents I'd read some good things about. Here's a pic. I am charging the dual batteries as we speak and will give you a rundown on the results hopefully tomorrow. I also got a nice quality wall charging unit to use for not only the battery charger which didn't come with the wall wart so to speak, but this is supposed to also work for the internal charging of the battery in the camera. I have the grip so I'll be checking it out just for fun to see if it works for that purpose as well. Beats the $130 Canon variety if it works. This was only $25. The Newer setup was only $32 so how can I go wrong. Another person on the forum I've been in touch with said they are almost the same in performance to the Canon native battery. We shall see.

Any chance of sharing a link?

I have searched Amazon in the UK and US, and cannot find a Neewer LP-E6NH battery rated at 2250mah, only a max of 2000mah.

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