Put to sleep or shut down?

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Re: Put to sleep or shut down?

4x5joe wrote:

Hi folks. Hope all of you are safe and well.

Just curious, I have a 2006 iMac that has only been turned off during family vacations or severe thunderstorms, granted it is to sleep whenever I am not using. It is still running without problems as I type this.

I bought a 2019 iMac new last year when it was released. Apple support suggested I turn it off whenever I am not using it. I use my computers daily. I use Adobe products on a daily basis for images... Lightroom and Photoshop. Seems crazy to turn my iMac off every time I walk away from it compared to my 2006 iMac that I leave powered on all the time, just sleeping when not using.

Do you folks turn off your iMac when not in use or do you all just put it to sleep??

Thanks for your opinions,


My macs, all of them since 2010, only get turned fully off a few times a year for occasional glitches or maybe thunderstorms. 99% of the time they go into sleep when not being used.

ive never had any issues, and to be honest, until this question i’d never really thought about it! 😁

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