Leica M to Nikon Z AUTOFOCUS adapters now available

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Re: Leica M to Nikon Z AUTOFOCUS adapters now available

LarsHP wrote:

fpessolano wrote:

What did it do?

so far fir me the only annoyance is that if it does hunt ... it really hunts.

Okay, I will take this in slow motion: 1) I get proper focus with the adapter. 2) I press the exposure button with 3 sec. exposure delay. 3) The exposure begins (set to either two, three or four full seconds. 4) The MTZ11 MOVES THE FOCUSING MECHANISM. 5) The shutter closes = exposure ends. 6) I swear angrily at the AF adapter because I heard what happened. 7) I check the image and it is partly sharp and very defocused at the same time.

That's unfortunate to hear. If I'm understanding correctly, it will attempt to refocus after being left untouched for ~1 minute or in exposure delay mode? Does setting the camera to manual focus help with that? It seems like the adapter still needs a few firmware updates to fix these corner cases.

And yes, my MTZ11 also struggle with AF hunting when trying to AF in low light.

What kind of low light are we looking at here? I usually have to shoot at around 2~3 EV (f/2, 1/125", ISO 6400~12000, so like night time with street light) so I'd like to know if the adapter can cope with similar environments.

I'm also wondering if you have compared the focus speed with different lenses attached. From what I've seen from various videos, it seems to be quite fast with wider lenses in 28-35mm range, and I'd like to see how heavier lenses affects the focus operation.

My primary interest is to use the VM 40/1.2 or VM 50/1.2 on the MTZ11, and in the future when the G-mount modifier kit is released, the Contax G 28/2.8.

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