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P950 Tips and Tricks

This thread is meant to help, inspire and encourage owners (or potential) of P950.

Feel Free to add your tips /thoughts which may help others.

Brief intro:

I have been a superzoom shooter since 2004.

Owned mostly Panasonic FZ's but also owned a few Canon (SX550/600.

This is my second Nikon. First was P610.

P950 excels in quite a few areas.

Great EVF.

Better AF.

Faster fps.

Bigger buffer...and that 2000mm reach!

Other features like 4K video (able to shoot stills while recording video's)

Manual Focus with adjustable Peaking, User setting on mode dial, flash hot shoe..and more!

Here are some of my thoughts and tips in using the P950.

Shooting wildlife:

Wildlife abounds in many places. The first shot posted in this thread is home to many types of images I will share here. Never thought there was so much..all at a local park!

Camera's like the P950 make wildlife shooting aid in getting decent shots.

Use that 2000mm reach!

Lens is plenty sharp, even at 2000mm.

Wildlife shooting needs fast enough shutter speeds to ' freeze action' , to avoid motion/movement by subject. Fast enough shutter speed prevents this

P950 has Great VR. But one needs to still hold camera steady enough.

I use a technique that enables me to shoot at slower shutter speeds than the reciprocal rule. That is, to avoid camera shake you want to keep your shutter speed at least one over the focal length you are shooting at.

So If I am shooting at 2000mm...I would need 1/2000th minimum shutter speed.

But...the P950 has Nikons claimed best ever VR.

Vibration reduction...aids in allowing for slower shutter speeds than without.

Nikon claims 5.5 stops.

This , plus good grip will allow for shots with slow shutter speeds and still maintain good enough results:

Here's what I do:

While slightly tilting up with left hand around lens housing, I also slightly press IN with my right thumb, gripping camera.

Basically I'm adding a 'twist' to the camera. This helps me steady camera and get more keepers.

Also with that , I am using a camera Hand Strap https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1183/7406/products/CCS-Handstrap801-Box-day2-2_63f24f04-cd89-43bf-962f-9316b095417f_2048x.jpg?v=1534180741 .

There are other , cheaper versions out there. I don't use neck straps.

Shooting in continuous mode helps to get a sharp image, when shutter speeds are too slow, but fast enough to freeze subject.

Another tip is to add an eye cover for the EVF. This can block out light and make it easier to see the really good EVF.

Here is an images of my P950, with Hand grip and eye cover.

I'm using this https://www.amazon.com/JJC-Eyepiece-Viewfinder-Eyeshade-Replaces/dp/B01HTKF9CM/ref=pd_lpo_421_t_2/140-7294501-7312366?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01HTKF9CM&pd_rd_r=830c7640-fe81-40d4-b4a8-afa2cdfcf192&pd_rd_w=oWDQj&pd_rd_wg=Hz52m&pf_rd_p=7b36d496-f366-4631-94d3-61b87b52511b&pf_rd_r=3KCGNXXZ86EXN4X1YKMY&psc=1&refRID=3KCGNXXZ86EXN4X1YKMY and just used electrical tape to secure to P950.

(Obviously I am not that concerned how my P950 looks, but more concerned how it functions).

These three (Eyeshade, Hand Grip, and twisting technique) all help to aid me in getting a few decent shots in lower shutter speeds:

1/40th at 1800mm

1/50th at 2000mm

1/30th at 2000mm

Customizing- P950 allows for some customizing of controls.

Side dial- Assignable to a few options.

EV, ISO , White Balance Shutter speed, Aperture and when choosing Manual Focus, it turns into manual focus adjustment.

Function button. (Fn) on top of camera.

Assignable to a few options.

ISO, Continuous, Metering, White Balance, Picture Control, image size and Image Quality

U- This is a way to set most everything , and when you power camera back on, it will remember everything...shooting priority (Manual, Program, aperture, shutter) image quality setting...even zoom position! (found on Mode dial, set to memory in the Menu).

Other tips.

Want to view images on LCD/EVF but don't want to lens to power up and come out?

Just press the Play (>) button on back of camera. Press in for few seconds and you are now able to view images taken.

Want to zoom more smoothly during video recording, use zoom lever on side of lens.

Actually you can choose from 3 speeds to zoom while shooting video.

Keep loosing subject when zooming in...try using the button on side of lens.

This allows you to back off lens (brings lens back in to wider view). As long as you hold it in, it will stay in that spot. Yellow outline shows in display, and when you find subject again, just let go and lens will zoom back to position, now with subject in line.

Want more zoom reach but already maxed out at 2000mm?

Try digital zoom. Better than one would think , IMHO.

Here's a Moon shot at 6000mm. 3x Digital zoom used:

Moon craters at 6000mm

Will add more to this in future.

Hopefully others will chime in as well

Note: All images posted were handheld.

All images posted were edited. These are NOT SOOC

Stay healthy


Nikon Coolpix P610 Nikon Coolpix P950
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