Put to sleep or shut down?

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Re: Put to sleep or shut down?

JPAlbert wrote:

Shut it down at night.

Boot up in the morning. Let it sleep during the day when you're not using it.

That's a good compromise...

It's what I do.  I've experienced problems if I don't turn-off or restart Macs at least every 2-3 days.  I've never understood people who feel it's necessary to leave a computer running 24/7. But I like to conserve electricity when I'm not actually using a powered device.

When I was a working photographer I would schedule my Macs to wake up shortly before I arrived for work.  Everything would be ready by the time I sat down at my desk:  my calendar front-and-center, email downloaded, the websites I visit first-thing waiting in tabs, CRT display warmed-up (in the early days LOL), RSS feeds updated, etc.  I'd be up and running just as quickly as leaving the Macs running all the time.

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