Confused about Craig list

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MHshooter Senior Member • Posts: 1,010
Re: Thank you all for your advice

TOF guy wrote:

You may get a lot of people who are interested, but never reply back, so don't anticipate much.

Indeed I've got 5 replies so far - offering about ~20% less than I've asked for and I've made a counter-offer at ~10% less than the asking price. Nobody has ever replied so far!

In the listing, ask for interested people to reply with a phone number. This may potentially save you time. Use a VOIP number to call so that your actual number is not used.

I will try that.

Some Craigslist respondents make Ebayer's look like sane, Rhodes scholars.  The nutjobs come out of the woodwork, knowing full-well they have no money and won't engage in any real transaction.  They just like to "talk" about stuff.

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