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Re: 90mm Tamron

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Hi All-

I have a 1Dx and I need to do some product photography. Product sizes are 1"x1"x1"(depth/height) up to 6"x6"x2"(depth/height).

I have a 50mm and 70-200. I don't understand macro at all. I only need the lens for about 6 months and it's not professional use. "Pretty Good" is ok for me.

Can someone please make a recommendation for a good lens to use. I have tried the Vivitar macro filter route, and there just isn't enough flexibility in my setup to get a good macro shot of a 1"x1"x1"(depth/height) item, then the next shot is of a 6"x6"x2"(depth/height) item. I have hundreds of items to shoot, so flexibility is important.

(in case you're wondering, sports photography is what I normally shoot, hence the 1Dx, this is just a one-time short project I am working on).

Thanks in advance!

I have a Tamron lens, the SP 90MM F2.8 Di VC USD 1:1 Macro that is several years old but has been absolutely amazing for me.
Built in Stabilization, compatible with the new Canon R6 too and stunning detail, sharpness and overall images. I highly recommend looking there. I'm sure the newer model is even better still.
Here are a couple of pics from a simple enthusiast.

I remember reviews from years ago where this lens got top marks. I've never used one, though.

^^ Time flies by for sure.  Pun intended as it relates to that last pic             Good to see your name again.  I recognize your name as I too go way back in terms of years here at DPR.  My screen name changed due to a persona situation but I'm still here.    I left for several years pursuing other interests and ventures but am back in the photog hobby again.   Good to see so many originals or near original members.

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