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Re: Confused about Craig list

TOF guy wrote:

I get questions about an item I put for sale from Craig list, so by replying to these messages, the Craig list server re-route the answer to them , correct?

Correct, it masks your email address.

One person is making a lower offer, is it expected?

Unfortunately, yes. They will low-ball even if you say: "price is firm." I gave up and price just a bit higher than what I want, so when the low-ballers show up, I can come down a bit and they feel like they whittled me down.

There is no payment mediated by Craig list that I can see (like when selling on eBay). So I arrange for meeting with the buyer and do the sale, correct?

Correct. Usually cash. I've also done it pre-pay through PayPal or deposit by PayPal, so I don't get ghosted. That happens too often. Speaking of which, don't be talked into meeting them halfway. That really stings when they ghost you.

Or is there another way?

There's Facebook Marketplace and ebay, both of which have in-person provisions that don't charge commission. I'd say Facebook Marketplace is more successful now. They have just started offering shipping and mediation, for which they want to charge a commission, but I'm not going for that. They want our financial info, and I don't think they can be trusted with it.

Does Craig list gets a commission and how?


Anything else I should be aware of?

If selling something valuable, arrange the meeting in a secure place. I've used police station lobbies, and in fact, one local police department recommends this. The one I use most often is in front of a local convenience store, under scrutiny of a security camera. (helps prevent mugging)

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