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So, ran into a youtuber the other day, who asked if there was something wrong with his camera, at he had noise in his LCD and EVF.

He put op 3 videos so far.

The last I heard from him, was this message.

"It is normal, if you want better AF in darkness. The Z6 II has a new low light AF improvement, this is probably a side effect."

To all of you out there with Nikon Z6 IIs. Is this correct?


My Z6 II lcd behaves the same way.
I think it has something to do with the metering.
When I use "Highlight weighted metering" the noise on the lcd more or less disappears. As soon as I turn 'Matrix metering"on again the noise appears. The darker the subject the more noise.

Are you in an auto mode or auto ISO? My thought is that with a dark subject the camera will attempt to brighten it up too much. That would result in too high of an ISO or image brightness in the shadows amplifying noise. What happens if you use exposure comp or reduce exposure for an accurate histogram. Are you still seeing the noise?

I'm using Aperture mode. Funny thing is when used in manual mode there is no noise visible, and the lcd screen gets as dark as the subject. Only when you open up your aperture or use a slower shutterspeed you get more noise. Makes sense.

Please have a look at this youtube movie at the 5.58 minute mark and beyond:

The Z7 II seems to show it as well. Only when you press the shutter button halfway it dissapears for a few seconds.

It however doesn't affect the photos in any way. They are fine.



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