Canon 70d red noice

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Re: Canon 70d red noice

Johnw12 wrote:

I'm not sure what you mean by problem? But to me those are remarkable photos that to me show a real talent for photography. When I first saw them before reading your post my first impression was wow what detail and the mood is excellent.

I am not sure if you are joking or if you didn't look at the images, but the first two in particular are just awful. I am not referring to composition because the OP didn't ask about composition - he/she asked about the weird red noise pattern. The red speckled pattern in the dark areas is absolutely not normal - for any camera, never mind a 70D.

You shouldn't get red noise like that at ISO 25600, never mind 400. If it was just "normal" digital photographic noise due to high ISO or really bad light, then yes, perhaps process it out, but there is nothing "normal" about this.

if you are having a problem with noise that is to be expected with the 70D. Its an old camera but it is a very good one. With good noise reduction such as DXO's PhotoLabs Elite 4 with it's Prime and the new Deep Prime noise should no longer be an issue.

The technical aspects of photography can be learned. What you are showing above is something that can not be taught. You have it and I hope you will never stop taking pictures.

They may not be in perfect focus but the over all quality of the composition is outstanding.

To OP;

That is seriously not right. I owned a 70D for several years and never saw anything like that before.

Have you tried doing a factory reset on the camera ? Often previous owners have done some weird stuff in the settings. Did the previous owner convert it for a special purpose ( remove or install a special filter on the sensor maybe ?

If that doesn't help, I would suggest that perhaps something is faulty with the camera - sensor, electronics etc - may not be a cost effective fix.


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