Canon R6 Mechanical Shutter vs Electronic First Curtin Shutter (EFCS)

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Re: Canon R6 Shutter Modes...

Let's saying I'm shooting birds using a 600mm f/4 lens. Would I be better off remaining on EFCS, or should I switch to full mechanical shutter?

I've heard about the issues with fast shutter speeds and EFCS, but I always thought that problem was in combination with using fast primes at their widest apertures. In other words, from my understanding, shooting a f/1.2 lens at 1/2500s or 1/3200s would cause problems with bokeh, etc.

However, would shooting a f/4 lens at 1/2500s or 1/3200s (or faster) cause any issues?

I ask, because one other big benefit of using EFSC over full mechanical with both the R5 and R6 is the reduced shutter lag. If you're tracking fast action, the reduced shutter lag could be beneficial.

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