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Re: And still not "there"

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T O Shooter wrote:

And the world will quickly change to a new paradigm with both DSLRs and ML being a dead end. ML technology is not as good as DSLRs in many ways - just different.

And let's remember that the world WAS using mirrorless before SLR's came along.

And they're still only "getting there" Some day, just not today.

Not just getting there...better in many ways. Higher frame rates...EVF that can be seen in near dark, superior video experience, IBIS. After many years of Nikon DSLR use both personally and professionally, I included the Z7 and find the experience of using it very good...and in many ways surpasses that of a DSLR.

But as of today, I have sufficient frame rates, EVF has a delay, some have flickering, I don't need to see in the dark, I don't shoot video and if I decide to there are better solutions, but if I do decide to do video I'll look at a Zee on your recommendation Ibis, would have limited use by me, but I'd use it occasionally if it was there, but I wouldn't switch systems for it.

If an ML is more to your liking than a DSLR, more power to you. But I don't go in the Nikon ML, Sony ML, Canon ML, or Fuji ML trying to convince anyone that DSLRs are better. They're better for me, they're better for others on here, but I would expect no less then for you to use what's best for you, whether that be an ML, pinhole camera, or a 4x5.

You seem to take issue with those that have differing experiences and needs than you.

Not at all. That's the part you and others chose to overlook to support your argument. I just don't need the constant bombardment in the DSLR forum that I need to buy ML. I don't.

Maybe you need to ask yourself why you get so upset.

You're confusing being firm on what I believe, with being upset. This is being upset and not being able to contain it.

If you ask me, I’d say it is because you’ve tied to much of your identity to your gear...and that can only impact your work in a negative way.

I won't ask you, as you're obviously wrong. I only put up a gear list because I kept getting the comments that I didn't have a gear list up so might not have any gear. I preferred my original signature, with no gear listed and simply "A Canon G5 and a bit of Nikon gear" If I happened to own a Sony A9ii or a Canon R5 and whatever Canon body is similar to a D810 / D850 I'd have no issue being identified as a Sony ML shooter or a Canon ML shooter.

And for me, maybe too late, as I'm already to "good enough" Maybe in a gen or two as a supplement to cover a specific purpose or two.

I'll stick with the above as I said from the beginning. I don't buy - "Not good enough" Did that with the D800.

Twin-lens reflex, rangefinders - no mirrors there. Adding the mirror created new issues, but solved important ones of the day. I've still got a Yashicamat 124g, a Contax rangefinder and my Dad's old Stereo Realist. (And, I might note, a few rolls of undeveloped film from an Alaska trip in 2006. Not even sure where to get film developed anymore.)

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A Canon G5 and a bit of Nikon gear.
I enjoy my Nikon gear. But as has been pointed out to me "it’s a declining, decaying system based upon ancient technology"

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