50mm 1.8 prime on Z6

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Re: 50mm 1.8 prime on Z6

Yavor Nikolov wrote:

I have the old 50mm 1.8G I used with my DSLR and find it working very nicely with the FTZ on my Z6. The lens is small and light enough not to be disbalancing with the FTZ. I know the great reviews of the 50mm Z 1.8S but have anyone made a side by side comparison of the two lenses? The 1.8G used to have a pretty good reputation, the AF is fast enough with the FTZ on my Z6 and the face recognition with Af-C works good enough for me when shooting my family. Do you think it makes sense going to the dedicated Z lens in this case, will I see a step forward in IQ? My other idea was to spend the same money for the 50mm 1.4G instead of the Z1.8 S maybe... Any thoughts?

I've had two versions of the 50/1.8 (D and G) as well as the 50/1.4 D. I have not formally compared them side-by-side, but I am positive that the Z-lens blows them out of the water. It's spectacularly good.

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