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Re: Not the Zee forum

michaeladawson wrote:

T O Shooter wrote:

Why not keep your Zee lens comments to the Zee forum?

While I agree with your opinion in general, unfortunately Paddler123 is the one who made the question fair game with his comment that the DSLR combo "easily bests" the Z combo.

I like to read. While the methodology may not be identical, these graphs are the basis for my purchasing decisions:




Here's an even more impressive review:


The Zeiss is sharper across the frame and at all apertures.  Compare the test data at f/8 and above, it's nice to be able to stop down for landscapes to increase DOF without incurring a sharpness penalty.  Prints from the 24/1.8G are a bit soft in the corners. A print from the file I posted above is visibly sharper, it seems the contrast is outstanding as well. The S is better than the G, but not enough to justify buying a Z7 ii plus the S lens, which would be $3900. YMMV, of course.

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