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Attempting to use Depth of Field function on this camera. Where is the button located and how to use it.


I think it is in the same place as the DoF button on most Canon DSLRs - next to the lens near the bottom of the body - at about the 7 o'clock position if you are looking directly at the front of the lens.

To use it - you will only notice a difference if the lens is stopped down a bit - say if you set the lens to f8 or f11, when you just look at the screen (without Exp-SIM turned on) you will see the view with the lens at maximum open aperture. Pressing the DoF button the lens will stop down to what it is set to for the exposure (f8 or f11), and the image you see will be darker.

I rarely use it on my M5 because I generally leave Exp-SIM turned on (and I find the DoF button a little awkward to use), which lets you see a simulated view of what the actual exposure will look like.

Others may be able to explain it better than I have.

As mentioned above, I believe that like most buttons on the M5, you can programme different functions to different buttons, so you can change it.


I think that button is not DoF button by default and should be assigned to it.

By default, the button next to the lens mount turns off "Touch and drag AF", so that when looking through the EVF, your nose won't move the focus point.

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