How to use new SSD and HDD drives most effectively

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Re: Great info so far

Austinian wrote:

TEST a backup!!

Sometime in the late-middle 1980s my boss of the time bought me a SOTA Dell 386 with a gargantuan 150MB ESDI drive. with Autocad, Desqview 386, BRIEF, Xtree Gold, and several other software goodies.

Glorious! I greatly enjoyed my fine new toy, and carefully backed up everything to the 1.2 MB 5.25-inch floppies using PC Tools.

The ESDI drive crashed spectacularly one day, but no problem, have a recent backup! Except, of which was apparently defective and the restore failed.

SOTA = state of the art? school of the arts?

Yes, a joke in the industry is that backups are "write only" usually.

Most tape drives were almost as unreliable as floppy disks, although that didn't stop vendors from trying. A new format appeared annually it seems. At some point the high-priced tape drives could be relied upon for a monthly cycle of full and incremental backups.

We have it pretty good nowadays because HDD is extremely reliable in comparison.

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