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Re: Not the Zee forum

It’s true.

I know testing standards on forums are some of the most subjective and relaxed, but I thought going on “feelings” for lens comparisons was low, even for the internet

And TO Shooter, stop trying to police conversations between others. You hop into nearly every thread at the mere suggestion the Z system is a competent alternative to DSLR, and are here claiming it’s others who are defensive.

Usually, even if we disagree, I’d extend a charitable assumption that you’re operating from a position of experience, but you’ve provided no evidence it exists. Give it a rest.

michaeladawson wrote:

T O Shooter wrote:

Why not keep your Zee lens comments to the Zee forum?

While I agree with your opinion in general, unfortunately Paddler123 is the one who made the question fair game with his comment that the DSLR combo "easily bests" the Z combo.

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