Sony FE body to Leica M lens: Best adapter that includes EXIF data?

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Re: Sony FE body to Leica M lens: Best adapter that includes EXIF data?

Rol Lei Nut wrote:

The closest thing I can think of is the Techart Pro adapter, which you can program to report a chosen focal length up to 135mm (as well as auto-focusing a lens).

Useful for automatically setting the camera's IBIS to a given FL, but no info on diaphragm, focusing distance, ect.

Actually quite strange that there is no Leica M<>FE adapter that can read the 6 dot code of M lenses and transfer the focal length + max aperture to the Sony camera.  It can not be that complex given several adapter manufacturers that already deliver electronic adapters for the FE mount. The 6 dot code could be widened up to 8 dots for a wider variety of lenses (beyond 135mm for example) and still be compatible for the existing Leica M types code.  Price would hardly be an objection for users that already have/buy M lenses.

For more personal reasons I thought that it would be possible to make a shortened electronic Canon EF<>SONY EF adapter which would allow to adapt/convert lenses with way shorter than EF register distance and still allow programmable EMF chips on the adapters. In view of the fact that programmable chips for Sony FE mount are not yet appearing at the horizon. There is not much space needed for the internal electronic parts. Reducing the adapter depth to 8mm would even allow Leica M mount lenses + a M<>EF mount adapter with chip. Another choice of depth could be 14mm which would allow any lens with a register distance of more than 33mm to be adapted with a chip added. For native EF lenses a 12mm EF extension tube in between should make them compatible again.

I think I can design a 3D printed part and add the mount parts + electronics of an existing electronic EF adapter. Main gripe is that so few users report their experience with chipped lenses + a variety of electronic adapters. For example a Viltrox adapter for the parts is not that expensive but if it is not compatible enough with chips .......

Just some thoughts.

Met vriendelijke groet, Ernst
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