How to use new SSD and HDD drives most effectively

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Austinian wrote:

That does increase the backup time substantially, but I think it's worth it in case something did go wrong, though I personally have never seen that.

That comment specifically applies to Macrium Reflect Free image backups. I have indeed seen backups fail.

In my long experience working on systems with backup drives, I've seen backups fail with catastrophic consequences. This happened the first time on a system that held CNC drilling information for hundreds of aviation printed wiring board designs. Backups were done faithfully every day, but nobody ever did a test restore to see if they were working.

One day I had to reformat the hard drive on the system, and the engineer of the system assured me to do it, backups had just been done. And the backups failed, meaning all that data was gone

Something similar happened at a Motorola division where a new engineer had inherited a system 3 weeks earlier. Reformatted the drive, and restored all the data in a suspiciously-quick 15 minutes. Yep, all those backups were sequential, and only covered about 5% of the data.

TEST a backup!!

Sometime in the late-middle 1980s my boss of the time bought me a SOTA Dell 386 with a gargantuan 150MB ESDI drive. with Autocad, Desqview 386, BRIEF, Xtree Gold, and several other software goodies.

Glorious! I greatly enjoyed my fine new toy, and carefully backed up everything to the 1.2 MB 5.25-inch floppies using PC Tools.

The ESDI drive crashed spectacularly one day, but no problem, have a recent backup! Except, of which was apparently defective and the restore failed.

Fortunately, having a long experience with previous failed disks, I had nearly all the individual data files saved separately on floppies; only about a day's work was lost. A small price to pay for such a valuable lesson!

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