Bokeh battle: 50/1 vs 56/1.2 vs 110/2 vs. . . a Christmas Tree

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Re: Bokeh battle: 50/1 vs 56/1.2 vs 110/2 vs. . . a Christmas Tree

What you need to do is spend the money to make one of those 'big ass prints,' as you call them, to satisfy your curiosity once and for all. Believe me, the money you spend on a huge print is far, far less than buying into a whole other system.

It's what I did. I was on the verge of buying into the GFX system for all of my studio work. but I thought, 'first, I'll do a little experimenting.'

I shot a portrait with my trusty X-T2, (I normally use X-T3s these days, but the 2 just happened to be on the tripod that day) and then, just to make it even more interesting, I cropped about a third of the image, making it, effectively, about 16 mpix.

Took that to my printer, told him what I was doing, what I wanted, (4' X 6' size) and had him print it up.

Well, I was astonished, quite frankly. Zero grain, zero loss of clarity or sharpness, or colour fidelity -even at close viewing distances!

Easily the best $250. I've spent in all of my decades of photographic endeavors!

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean this as a slight of the GFX system; it's just that these little X system cameras are capable of much more than a lot of us suspect!

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