Any experience on the 85mm 2,0 and 20mm f3,5 Ai-s?

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Re: Any experience on the 85mm 2,0 and 20mm f3,5 Ai-s?

Paul P K wrote:

No experience with the 20mm so can't comment on that one

Had a 2/85 Ai back in the early 80's, used it on a F2AS and FE

Originally got a 2.5/105mm Ai as a short tele option, but in practical use found that one to slow for the shutter speeds I wanted to use it with

Back then did a lot of low light PJ style of shooting, where the mere half stop between the 85 and 105 meant, given the max ISO 400/800 of Tri-X, running into a lot of camera shake when shooting the 105mm at 1/60th

The 85 fared better better at that shutter speed, but for the rest its image rendition was pretty bleak and boring (yup, it was an image shot with an 85mm, but for the rest rather 'mwah' ...)

In the early AF days got the 1.8 AF D version of it, unfortunately much the same like its Ai sibling

Nowadays have a number of 85mm's, o.a. a 1.4 85mm AFD and an older Nikkor H Auto NKJ 1.8 85mm, which at least for my taste have a far more interesting image rendition

Just got the 20 mm and had several offers on the 85 f2. But the images i have seen from it have like you say, not been a wow factor if i may say so. Nothing bad, just a tad "bland" and boring. I heard from reviewers etc its a gem because of its size and 3d pop. And while im trying to see that in the images on Flickr for example i just don't see it. Its like you say, some images gets a nice perspective due to the FL of 85. But the rendering of the background etc is pretty uninteresting.

I also have the 85 f1,4 D and the G version and of course the bokeh etc is so much better. And while i could use the D version on my FE its a tad big though but at least its doable.

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