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Hey Everyone,

The time has come for me to sell/trade in my Zeiss 50 for something wider for inside shots. Just had my third baby this year and holiday photos and birthdays can be rough inside, being as the 50 is the lens with the least reach that I own. I have a 24-105, but of course I would like to open it up more inside.

any suggestions? I was thinking 35 is the sweet spot.

SIgma 24-70mm f2.8 DG DN is my do-everything lens. There are other lenses that do well I have that are good at specific things but if you want a lens that will do well for everything indoors, then that's the lens to get. Or the GM version of it. The f2.8 vs f4 is meaningful for indoors.

Before switching to Sony I had a Canon 24-70. My lord it was a clunker. That’s the only downside is portability. I also am not a professional so I don’t like the perception of rolling up to the community Santa event with a visual powerhouse system.

That’s fair - I wouldn’t either. I use my 24-70 mostly for landscapes. With people, I’d probably go with the 35mm f1.8 but I’d keep the 55mm too.

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