What do you do with your photos?

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Re: What do you do with your photos?

Deniz Turkmen wrote:

  • Put them on imagekind or fine art america maybe you can sell a print or two
  • Check the online competitions at photocontestdeadlines.com
  • Rotate them on smart displays. We use Google Photos + Nest Hub and Chromecast and it reminds us all the good memories
  • Another benefit of Google Photos is the reminder sent by the app "x years ago today" on our devices.
  • After few canvas prints you might have realized there is not enough wall space so print bunch of 4x6 and hang them with collage frames that take 8-12 photos. They use the same amount of wall space as one big print.
  • Dig up some of your old raw photos, and edit them again with the latest knowledge and the software you have. The result might be very different than your first edit.

Thanks for the post really interesting.

For myself I used to until two years ago never put a photo on the web.

Before that I used to show them at galleries on occasion and art collectives and hang a few on my walls.

Now I put some of my "this was a bad shot" on twitter and what not, or if not bad at least experimental or photo journalistic in nature like BLM (which hit all three of those categories)

Still wary of the web photography wise.

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