Did Leica take a "cue" from the GM5 ?

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Re: Did Leica take a "cue" from the GM5 ?

Tom Caldwell wrote:


Such things as mechanical shutter speed dials and mechanical EV dials are arguably not really necessary on digital camera bodies other than to check their setting when the camera is switched off.

I have to say though, that I would prefer mechanical dials. Not for EV. But definitely for shutter speed, aperture, focus and ISO.

Maybe it is still old film-time habits I cannot get rid of. Likely I am a little behind. But if I see a subject, I already mentally decide on either aperture or exposure time, and very often ISO too. Before I even turn on the camera.

Sure, once the camera is on, I let the metering do some fine corrections. But the key fundamentals I decide on before even taking the camera out of the pocket or bag. And then I would appreciate seeing on real mechanical dials, what the current settings are.

In the film days, I liked top LCD displays as well for that. But m43 cameras I am interested in have no room for such LCD (and the G9 is way way too big for me, that is not why I did choose m43). Also, a mirrorless camera would have to be turned on for such top display to work, which would kill the battery several times over if left on the whole day.

Surely serious photographers should know where they left their camera set, have switch on standard known configurations, or re-set their cameras to known configurations when they close them down for the day?

Err, not me. Likely that I am not serious enough.

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