Did Leica take a "cue" from the GM5 ?

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Re: Did Leica take a "cue" from the GM5 ?

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Not to scale...the GM5 is tiny.

My beloved GM5 paired with the Leica branded 15mm f1.7 lens sure does resemble the appearance of the "Q"

It's more the other way:


Panasonic looks like a Leica M3 (produced 1954-1967)

The GM5 is a modern design, purely functional, no retro looks at all.

You are confusing the GM5 with the Pen-F. That is very much a retro design, loosely inspired by the pre-ww2 Leica III.

They tried the mechanical EV control on the GX9 and simply mucked up what was was an extremely functional set of top plate controls in the process. It is arguable that mechanical speed dials and EV dials are just a retro throwback for style on modern electronically controlled cameras. Not only are camera bodies getting physically smaller but the need for user controls has increased exponentially since digital replaced film. Luckily Panasonic introduced an excellent touch screen interface which when used on the GM series allows it to remain quite functional despite its tiny size.

Unfortunately “the wheel” on the GM1 take some level of understanding and many early users did not have the patience to learn to use the soft touch and insisted in poking, prodding and jerking.

Generally speaking Panasonic eschews retro simply for the sake of the retro-look but the the mechanical EV wheel on the GX9 was a rare and unnecessary unforced error.

It wasn’t the wheel in itself but the other necessary changes made to the top plate to fit it in. The best compromise is to simply switch the wheel function off as an not-necessary bit of visual junk.

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