X-H1 IBIS + Focal Reducer / Speedbooster (&Fast glass): My experience

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Re: X-H1 IBIS + Focal Reducer / Speedbooster (&Fast glass): My experience

7rvar wrote:

SjorsDW wrote:

Since I couldn't find anything online about this I wanted to share my experience.

As you X-H1 users probably know setting FL in "Mount Adaptor Settings" for adapted lenses is important for the IBIS to work properly.

Since the FL is set for the Full frame equivalent on a crop. This means if you use a normal adaptor in combination with 100mm FF lens you need to set the Mount Adaptor Settings on 100, which is 150mm on the X-H1s crop sensor.

When a speedbooster is used (e.g. Metabones) this is the calculation for a 100mm FF lens:

100mm * 1.5 (APS-c crop factor) = 150
150 * 0.71 (focal reducer) = 106

So I usually set 106mm on my X-H1 with good results for both long lenses as WA. I wonder what other X-H1 users experience!?

In addition I wonder if the claim for the SPEED advantage really counts for fast lenses like this 55mm 1.2. I don't seem to get the same advantage using the booster compared (in relation) to my 50mm 1.8.

I think this is incorrect.
A 100mm lens with .71x focal reducer, you should set mount adapter setting to 71mm. 50mm lens with focal reducer should be set to 35mm.

Oeps yeah thats exactly what I meant! The full-frame equivalent should be 106 and the settings on the X-H1 = 71mm.

I dont know why I added this sentence: "So I usually set 106mm on my X-H1!?"

If I use my my 55mm I set it to 40mm
and if I use my 50mm I always set it to 35mm. If I set it on 50mm it becomes very shaky
I never tried a 100mm but that needs to be multiplied with 0.71 too obviously

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