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It no longer matters.

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With the pro bodies such as the 1DX, I can set my camera to have a focus point and spot metering. The book tells me that in this case, the spot metering occurs at the focus point.

The R and R5 books (so far) do not mention this particular feature but I'm wondering how the Evaluative Metering works. It seems to me that the camera prioritizes the area in focus or am I just seeing what I want to see?

This has been the case with Canon's evaluative metering system for many years. With each successive iteration, it has improved. While I would like the ability to tie spot metering to the focus point, I'm generally satisfied with the results of evaluative metering. With a little practice, it's easy to recognize situations where you might need to dial in a little exposure compensation.

Thank you...

The reason for the question is I'm wrestling with diving fully into the new EOR R style of camera and lenses. The two big hang ups is a few of the features in the pro bodies and it is going to be a learning experience to learn how to use the controls of the R and R5 as intuitively as I do the pro bodies. The latter clearly is just practice. And the former is, as you suggest, learn how to work with the equipment. e.g. I'm not using the control ring effectively yet.

With exposure preview, you see a reasonable approximation of the final exposure in the view finder, before you push the shutter button, so you can compensate for anything that affects the final exposure, whether it's a different area of the picture dominating the metering or a different tone of the subject that fools the camera, regardless of what the exposure program wants to do.

Even if you have reason to over or under expose, such as an ETTR strategy or some other reason, you can have a good idea what the file is going to be like looking through the EVF with a little experience.  I think it's better than the live histogram.

Of course that all goes out the window with flash.

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