Just bought an X-T30 !

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Re: Just bought an X-T30 !

And-roid wrote:

KAAMBIC wrote:

I love tech, i love testing and trying new stuff. Owning well over 20 different cameras in the last 9 years, Fuji is the only major brand that escaped me. Many times i debated it, researched a bunch of info and ended up with something else. Not this time.

6mo ago i was shopping, it was down to the EM1-II, M6II and X-T30. I chose the Olympus as i already had 4 lenses for it, but i never stopped thinking of the Fuji, so here i am. Every time i watch a video in Eterna im salivating, and it's the ONLY system i could trust jpegs only and not fuss with raws.

I also have an M50 i just sold (still have my Olympus), in about a week i will be using that cash to get my first FX lens, since im a portrait guy im going with the Viltrox 56. All advice tips n tricks are welcome, looking forward to playing around with the 120 slowmo and exploring the Fuji jpeg presets to find my favorites.

I can't wait!

Seems odd that you'd go x-t30 when x-s10 offers a lot more for your money, ie ibis and essentially x-t4 functionality/performance.

He didn't even mention the X-s10...

Many of us would pick X-t30 over X-s10. The X-s10 design is the opposite of what I'm looking for. It's the first Fuji camera in the last 5 years that I've had absolutely 0 interest in. I'd rather carry around my old X-E2 than that thing.

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