Please Help! Dental Photography with Fuji X-Pro2 & 80mm macro lens

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Re: Please Help! Dental Photography with Fuji X-Pro2 & 80mm macro lens


Like others here, I have never done dental photography but I do shoot some macro. In macro, technique counts for a lot and you have to experiment to get the right settings......


  • If your ring flash supports TTL (through-the-lens) exposure control by Fuji cameras, I would try that. And I would suggest start out trying at f11.
  • If it doesn't offer TTL, you need to experiment with manual exposure setting.
  • Firstly, your ring flash may have manual power settings. If it does, start out testing with it on full power. If it over exposes on most ISO/aperture settings, try a reduced power setting until you get the desired exposure. If it doesn't have power settings, just use the single power setting that it has, and vary your ISO, aperture and distance.
  • I would try raising the ISO a little to start with - maybe 200 or 400.
  • I would avoid f22. It's a very small aperture and tends to introduce diffraction, which softens the image. I would try with f11. You could also try f8, but I suspect that the decrease in depth of field might not meet your needs with an 80mm lens.


Are you using auto-focus (AF) or manual focus (MF)? Many people switch to MF for close up work because macro lenses often have difficulty acquiring correct focus with AF at strong magnifications.

If you're shooting at life size (image size = subject size) the Fuji 80mm has a working distance of 98mm (the distance from lens front element or filter rim to the point of focus on the subject. You could try switching to MF, focusing the lens as close as required , and then obtaining focus by making small movements of the whole camera back and forth. (I'm sorry, I'm not sure what focus confirmation your X-Pro gives you in MF mode.)

Getting both right at the same time....

You won't see this if your flash operates in TTL mode, but note that with purely manual flash, the exposure you get varies inversely with the distance between the flash and the subject. Eg If you work out the settings for the flash at the closest focusing distance of the lens and then for some reason move back, increasing the distance, the exposure will decrease slightly. If you set the aperture for something a little further out, but then move in, the exposure will increase. You can't change the position of your ring flash in relation to the lens, so small changes like this are probably best dealt with by adjusting the ISO or aperture, though I would still avoid opening up wider than f8 or stopping down to f22.

Keep experimenting! Good luck - you will 'get there'.

Hope that helps,


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