Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) - are you afflicted?

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Re: Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) - are you afflicted?

In our home I have around 120 prints on the walls, ranging from 8X10" to 13X19" (the limit of my printer).    We are out of wall space, so putting another print on the wall means taking one down, an on-going process.      Looking at these prints every day,  I do not see a single one that I believe would be better had I been using different gear.  For the types of photography I do, the gear I have is, at the very least, an excellent fit.

I have equipment ranging from small sensor to APS-C to full frame, so it is not as if there is a dearth of it.   None of it is recent, but I have always followed the idea of buying very good equipment to start with, getting proficient enough with it to derive its full capabilities, and hanging on to it.    When I am out taking pictures I do enjoy using gear that I know has already produced outstanding results for me in the past, and therefore I can depend on to come through again (provided I do my part).

Any loot contemplated for gear acquisition is better set aside for future trips when we finally can emerge from Covid.   That is the plan here.  My bride (AKA: The One For Whose Happiness I Live) is as enthusiastic a traveler as I am.

For me, the only things that count are the photographs on the walls.

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