XT-3 vs XH-1

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Re: XT-3 vs XH-1

KariP wrote:

SjorsDW wrote:

Thanks a lot! This confirm my gut feeling even more. You guys talk about the X-T3 vs X-H1 comparison in which the X-H1 wins.. I actually want to upgrade / sell my X-T2. Thats why I asked for the X-T2 vs X-H1 opinion.
Im really curious about the IBIS and grip. Im a tall guy (6.6ft) and therefore have huge hands.

Overall this is very promising, I've just ordered a mint condition secondhand X-H1 (the guy bought it for a movie project which was cancelled).

I have also rather big hands and X-H1 feels just OK - with the grip it is heavy and looks quite big. With longer lenses and zooms it is well balanced. I do not have 16-50f2,8 WR lens , but with H1 it could be a nice balanced system (WR) - it is on my list. 18-55 is on my H1 now - works ok

If you can get the grip with 3 batteries and the charger - take it if the price is OK. 3 batteries gives enough power for quite a long time and especially if you shoot video.

Fuji batteries could have more power - and now X-T4 has a new battery type

T3 is of course also a good camera - but no IBIS. IF you like to use prime lenses the IBIS will feel great in use. If you try videos it feels special with IBIS - not much shake (without tripod)

X-E3 was my favourite and i still like it - i use H1 more. If i want to take less gear and the smaller shoulder bag i leave the battery grip home and take just some spare batteries

!! ! and remember to check the firmware - it really should be the new 2.11. The first firmware had some focusing and IBIS issues. Easy to download and install.

The original manual is readable but sometimes cryptic - i bought a book "The Complete Guide to Fufifilm's X-H1" - highly recommended. There are also some great info in YouTube

Hi Kari, after a few weeks with the X-H1 I can honestly say im in love with it, although I must say it took a few days to get used to the bigger body. Im glad that people here pushed me towards the Xh1 rather than the Xt3
What I especially like about the XH1 the fact that al my adapted lenses are stabilised. Using my Nikkor 135 f2.8 on the X-T2 was the limit in terms of FL in most occasions.

Recently I bought a 70-210 f3.5 (fixed aperture) manual zoom too. It would be very challenging to use in combination with my old XT2.

I still like the feel of the XT cameras, thats why I kept my XT1.

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