Was thinking of selling my Z7

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Re: Was thinking of selling my Z7

Paige Turner wrote:

I purchased my Z7 new about a year ago and just recently I bought the new Z6 ii. I thought it might be good to sell the Z7 so I sent some feelers out.

I checked out KEH and Adorama and they have quoted around $1100 +/- to purchase the body only. Wow. What a drop in price, but I guess that's to be expected. Maybe I will hold onto it and just use it for Landscape photography. Not sure I want to sell it on my own as I had a bad experience previously.

Anyone else in the same boat?

If you live in a medium or large urban area (I live in Houston), then OfferUp app is your friend. You list your camera free of charge, and potential buyers email you. I'm too queasy to sell on eBay, but I don't mind meeting a potential buyer at a local Starbucks, and dealing only with CASH.

In fact I sold my old d7200, and bought my z7 body this way , with no ugliness whatsoever YMMV.

Offerup is better than Craiglist (which is infested with scam artists) because it has buyer/seller ratings. So you can check the reputation of a buyer/seller before you agree to meet.

OfferUp does have a national reach option as well, but they charge a hefty transaction fee for this (so i never use it) , whereas local wheeling and dealing is free of charge

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